When you’re a startup or small business – you have some specific legal needs. Law Office of K.S. Kader, PLLC understands this and can assist you on a per-project or retainer basis. Kader Law services are ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs starting out – requiring guidance on incorporation, trademarks, and the necessary documentation to get started.
  • Startups that have a product that ‘works’ – and now need to get serious about their existing documentation, contracts, privacy policies, growth, plan for future fundraises and exit.

Outside General Counsel

  • Outside General Counsel as a Service – Retainer based
    • We’re a member of your team. Outside General Counsel for your business helping you through all transactional legal needs paid at a monthly rate with included hours of dedicated work. Services include:
      • Drafting of all contracts, agreements, terms, and policies,
      • Review of SaaS vendor and customer agreements and policies,
      • Review of your existing agreements and policies to identify and fill potential legal gaps,
      • Intellectual Property including copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets,
      • Data privacy and compliance counsel,
      • General startup strategy and legal advice.
  • Venture Capital and Fundraising – Retainer based –
    • Assistance with your fundraising round, from pre-seed, seed, to Series A and beyond.
      • Investor research and outreach assistance,
      • Term sheet review and negotiation,
      • Corporate compliance assistance,
      • Due diligence assistance,
      • Closing documentation drafting and review.
  • Startup Formation Package – $1,250 flat rate + filing fees –
    • Delaware C Corporation entity filing and formation,
    • 20+ Key Startup and Incorporation Documents – drafted, reviewed with you and customized for your startup.
    • Advice through incorporation and set up process.
    • Add-On: Comprehensive Trademark Search, Attorney-drafted opinion letter, and filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office – $1,500 per mark (+ USPTO filing fees).

Data Privacy & Compliance

  • Explanation and Counsel around common data privacy regulations, including:
    • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for companies in the healthcare space.
    • GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation) for all startups that handle data of European Union citizens.
    • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) for all startups that handle data of California residents.
    • Future State-specific regulations currently being reviewed.

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Flat rates subject to change based on the complexity of your case.