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Shahed is amazing. Hands down. He provided, and provides us with an amazing level of support as we navigate a ton of different challenges. As a technology start up, legal issues are not always front of mind but when they pop up; we need guidance and fast. Not only does he pivot, he takes the time to deeply understand how we function, what we want, and where we are trying to get to. Then he helps to challenge and guide us to the right answer. I leave my conversations with him more informed, feeling better about the path forward and really confident that we have the right partner for both our short term and long term needs. Seriously an epic attorney as well as an awesome human. Overall, I’m not sure I could be more positive on working with him, his expertise or his approach. Winning combination all the way around.

Anthony, Founder and CEO

I highly recommend Shahed – he has been a vital resource for my software sales team as we handle dozens of contracts at a time. He takes the time to answer your questions, explain his answers, pull in the appropriate SMEs internally, and is very professional on client-facing calls. I’m not entirely sure how Shahed became so up-to-speed with our technology and processes so quickly, but I am very glad he did!

Sarah, Director of Sales

My company partners with Shahed for outside general counsel services for our SaaS business. Shahed provides a lot of free knowledge on protecting your business legally on his website with his blog posts. He’s been successful in sales, so he understood my world and the things important to me. He’s personable, reliable, and responds quickly to any needs requested. I highly recommend partnering with Shahed.

Josh, Founder and CEO

As a small tech startup, we had a number of legal needs, ranging from data privacy to reviewing employment contracts. Shahed has been a HUGE asset to us, giving candid advice, providing transparency, and helping us make cost efficient decisions. In a matter of weeks, Shahed has transformed our agreements to ensure we are protected; additionally, he has provided us with invaluable guidance on our business and product development to make sure we are operating both legally and ethically. Could not recommend him more!

Krishna, Co-Founder

Shahed is the best!! He helped us navigate tricky legal issues for our startup and was able to help us problem-solve– both in terms of the legal approaches we took, and how it fits into our business context. When we needed a fast turnaround, Shahed followed up with us multiple times a day and we were able to reach our goals within just a few days. Incredible! Deep expertise in all things tech startup + healthcare!

Ben, Founder and CEO

Shahed brings a unique combination of his law background coupled with experience in startups. He’s been invaluable in helping me carefully review and give legal and strategic advice on Seed investments, Series A investments and vendor contracts.

TK, Founder and CEO

Mr. Kader did a great job quickly assessing our needs, being transparent with his time, and communicating effectively with us. We’ve worked with a number of lawyers, but Mr. Kader’s turn around time, clear explanations, and detailed oriented work is amazing. I absolutely love working with him and highly recommend his services.

Farshid, Co-Founder and CEO

We hired Shahed to help us incorporate a new public benefit corporation in Delaware (a “B Corp”). We choose Shahed after contacting a dozen attorneys who had experience with this type of law. His fast, clear, and very human communication—as well as his entrepreneurial background—won us over. We knew that his unique experience would help him give us legal council that understood our concerns as business owners. The process was needlessly complex (but that’s on Delaware not Shahed) and we appreciated his willingness to walk us through the multitude of steps and requirements. The important caveat to know is that he’s very focused on startups and if you’re working in a non-tech, non-YC arena then your milage may vary. In sum: Shahed is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we’ll continue to work with him again in the future as our outside general council.

Alex, Co-Founder

Shahed’s “General Counsel as a Service” model is a perfect fit for solo entrepreneurs like me. His combination of legal expertise and startup experience makes him uniquely qualified to assist with the many challenges that technology companies face. He has drafted and reviewed several documents for me including consulting contracts and equity agreements. His attention to detail, professionalism and upbeat personality shine through in every interaction you will have with him. I can’t recommend him enough!

Tony, Founder

I hired Shahed to help get my startup incorporated and deal with filing for trademarks. His knowledge of the industry has been an incredible asset to have. Additionally, I’ve appreciated how honest he is about where a lawyer can be most helpful and where one might not be needed. That said, hiring Shahed to deal with all of this has been great for my peace of mind that those areas of my startup are being handled properly. It’s definitely been worth it.

Kathleen, Founder and CEO