Every business has specific legal needs – whether you’re a consulting firm or a technology company. We understand this and can assist you on a per-project or on retainer as your outside general counsel.

“Business Law” is a mixture of Contract Law, Corporate & Business Law, Internet Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Employment Law.


  • Outside General Counsel
    • We’re a member of your team acting as Outside General Counsel for your technology company – helping you through transactional legal needs, including:
      • Contracts & Agreements:
        • Drafting and review of incoming and outgoing contracts, agreements, and policies,
        • Review of your existing agreements and policies to identify and fill potential legal gaps,
        • Drafting of all company policies and procedures, specifically for your business,
        • Your point of contact in contract negotiations.
      • Corporate & Business Law:
        • Company formation,
        • Amendments to Certificates of Incorporation,
        • Equity setup and distribution,
        • Work with tools such as Clerky and Carta as attorney point of contact,
        • Employment agreements and offer letters,
        • Corporate governance assistance,
        • Venture capital & fundraising assistance,
        • Research for business transactions,
      • Internet Law
        • Terms of Service,
        • SaaS and EULA Agreements,
        • Service Level Agreements,
        • Privacy Policy,
        • Internal Company Policies & Procedures,
      • Intellectual Property:
        • Trademark filing,
        • Copyrights,
        • Trade Secret protection,
        • Licensing agreements,
      • Data privacy and compliance counsel,
      • Vendor Security Assessment,
      • General strategy and legal advice.
    • Collaboration with other professionals working on your business – including your accountants, your insurance brokers, and your advisors.
    • When necessary – referrals to other professionals and attorneys for specific projects.
  • Company Formation 
    • C Corporation, Public Benefit Corporation, LLC, Joint Venture, or other entity filing and formation,
    • Key Startup and Incorporation Documents – drafted, reviewed with you and customized for your startup.
    • Advice through incorporation and set up process.
  • Venture Capital & Fundraising
    • Assistance with your fundraising round: Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A and beyond.
      • Term sheet review and negotiation,
      • Corporate compliance assistance,
      • Due diligence assistance,
      • Closing documentation drafting and review.
  • Trademarks
    • Comprehensive U.S. trademark search using using third party service for potential conflicts with existing trademarks (up to 5 classes),
    • Detailed review of search results and full report,
    • Attorney-drafted opinion letter on results,
    • Preparation and submission of trademark application,
    • Tracking of your application,
    • General advice throughout the process.

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