Data Privacy Compliance is more relevant than ever today. If you’re collecting as little as an e-mail address from your prospective clients, chances are your organization is subject to a data privacy regulation.

We explain data privacy regulations, how they apply to you, and what steps you should take to cover yourself.

We offer flexible billing options, including:

  • Retainer Based
  • Project Based
  • Legal Subscription Service

Baseline Data Privacy Compliance

  • Counsel around common data privacy regulations, specifically relevant to your organization – including:
  • Clear explanation of your responsibilities to avoid violations,
  • Follow-up steps and to-do’s for your organization to become and stay compliant,
  • Drafting and review of basic documentation and policies, including:
    • Privacy Policy,
    • Cookie Statements,
    • Terms of Use
    • Information Security Policy
  • Website audit to ensure that you are doing what you need to be doing.
  • Recommendations to work with Data Privacy Service Providers, or Software for ensuring and maintaining compliance.

Vendor Security Assessment

  • Drafting, editing, or review of
    • Business Associate Agreement,
    • Data Processing Addendum,
    • Personal Information Processing Agreement,
    • or other agreements related to processing of data.
  • Vendor Security Assessment audits – drafting and review of assessment questionnaires for your vendors, service providers, and third party data processors,

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