Notifying Customers of Changes to Clickthrough Terms, Policies, and Agreements

Most Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies publish click-through Terms, Privacy Policies, and sometimes, Sales Agreements. It’s important to appropriately inform Customers about changes to these legally binding agreements – ensuring clarity and legal compliance. This post will give you a high level …

Terms of Service vs. SaaS Agreement vs. End User License Agreement – Which One Do You Need?

If you’re running a software business, you need some policies and agreements in place to make sure you are protected. But what exactly do you need to sell your product? Is it a Terms of Service, SaaS Agreement, or a End User License Agreement? This post will give you a high level overview of the difference between these three specific documents.

14 Agreements and Policies Every Software as a Service (SaaS) Company Should Have

If you’re running a software-as-a-service company, you should have several key agreements and policies in place protecting your company, your intellectual property, and your investors. These agreements will become important during due diligence with any Investor or potential Acquirer. Here are 14 important agreements and policies every SaaS company should have, broken down into 3 categories.